The Twelve Tonys

This is my friend Tony.

And now for some other Tonys

Tony Curtis

Tony Orlando

Tony Soprano

Tony the Tiger

Tony Award

Tony Bennett with a Grammy (not a Tony, which would have been totally awesome for my Tony page, it would have been like Tony Squared, Double Stuff Tony, Twin Tonys!

Tony Perkins (with a cat!)

Toni Morrison

Tony Romo

I was going to put in a photo of Tony Romo, but the photos were all so boring, or they were with Jessica Simpson, and I don’t know, something inside me started screaming and I just couldn’t to it.  So I’m putting in a picture of the Green Bay Packers’ quarterback instead.  Much better…

Tony Danza

Tony Hawk (I don’t think my friend Tony could ever do this)

5 responses to “The Twelve Tonys

  1. annie

    Obviously I like your inspiration the best of the 12. I must admit I loved Tony Curtis in Some Like it Hot and I absolutely love a good bowl of Frosted Flakes, Tony the Tiger looking back at me. Tony Perkins is just scary and Tony Soprano is mesmerizing; Tony Danza too much the same. Tony Hawk has great moves, but then again so does our Tony.

  2. Tony

    Who knew I could be in such good company. For a French/Polish kid, I’ve come a long way.

    • French/Polish, I thought you were Italian! Should I edit my Tony Danza comment, or would that be like touching up the Mona Lisa, or adding a chapter to On the Origin of Species?

  3. tibst

    Think I could carry the Tony Orlando do?

  4. Richie

    Ha this is like going to somebody’s room and seeing a wall covered with your picture. (As creepy as that is I would love that)

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