The Twelve Tonys

This is my friend Tony, the inspiration for my Tony page.

And now for some other Tonys

Tony Curtis

Tony Orlando

Tony Soprano

Tony the Tiger

Tony Award

Tony Bennett with a Grammy (not a Tony, which would have been totally awesome for my Tony page, it would have been like Tony Squared, Double Stuff Tony, Twin Tonys!

Tony Perkins (with a cat!)

Toni Morrison

Tony Romo

I was going to put in a photo of Tony Romo, but the photos were all so boring, or they were with Jessica Simpson, and I don’t know, something inside me started screaming and I just couldn’t to it.  So I’m putting in a picture of the Green Bay Packers’ quarterback instead.  Much better…

Tony Danza (another nice Italian boy, like my friend Tony)

Tony Hawk (I don’t think my friend Tony could ever do this)


5 responses to “The Twelve Tonys

  1. annie

    Obviously I like your inspiration the best of the 12. I must admit I loved Tony Curtis in Some Like it Hot and I absolutely love a good bowl of Frosted Flakes, Tony the Tiger looking back at me. Tony Perkins is just scary and Tony Soprano is mesmerizing; Tony Danza too much the same. Tony Hawk has great moves, but then again so does our Tony.

  2. Tony

    Who knew I could be in such good company. For a French/Polish kid, I’ve come a long way.

    • French/Polish, I thought you were Italian! Should I edit my Tony Danza comment, or would that be like touching up the Mona Lisa, or adding a chapter to On the Origin of Species?

  3. tibst

    Think I could carry the Tony Orlando do?

  4. Richie

    Ha this is like going to somebody’s room and seeing a wall covered with your picture. (As creepy as that is I would love that)

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