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Hummingbirds who nested in our yard

While we were away on Spring Break in April, a hummingbird built a nest on a loop in the rope of Emma’s hanging rings.  She probably thought it was a quiet place for a nest, until we came home!  She laid two eggs, the bottom left picture shows just after the first egg hatched.  The lower photo shows the two babies curled up in their nest.  The mom rarely was gone before the eggs hatched, after they hatched she was gone a lot finding food.

The top shows the mom feeding the babies.  They got really big, and could barely fit in the nest.  It also started to fall apart a little bit, probably since it was built on a rope and didn’t have much support on the bottom.  The two chicks were very quiet and didn’t move much, probably so our cat wouldn’t notice them.  As the time came near for them to fledge, the mother got very nervous and would chirp warnings and dive bomb the cat, until I finally kept him indoors for a few days.  The chicks fledged within a day of each other, the bottom pictures show them out of the nest after their first flights.  We took down their nest and donated it to Mrs. Young, the science teacher at Kumeyaay, for her nest collection.  Emma was very happy to have her rings back to swing on!


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