I know what Mo likes

A list of a few of my favorite things:

Favorite Cat Color — Grey — Because my first cat, Enzo, was all grey, and I loved him.

Favorite Vegetable — Brussels Sprouts — Because they are named after a city.

Favorite Studio Ghibli Movie — My Neighbor Totoro — Because of the Catbus, Mei’s laugh, and the totoros.  Big totoros, medium totoros, small totoros.  And don’t forget the dust sprites.

2nd Favorite Studie Ghibli Movie — Howl’s Moving Castle — Because Howl is a super cool steam punk hipster wizard, Sophie is full of doubts but courage as well, and there is a talking fire.  Not to mention the castle.  Which moves!

Favorite Tintin — Tintin in Tibet — Because it is about friendship and a drunken Yeti.

Favorite Gemstone — Peridot — Because it is a translucent light green and green is my favorite color.

Favorite Sweet —Dark chocolate caramels — So good I can’t keep them in the house because I eat myself sick.

Favorite Single Malt Scotch — Lagavulin —Dark, smokey, peaty, chewy.

Favorite Spice — Tarragon — The smell reminds me of my Dad’s pipe tobacco.

Favorite flower — Gardenia — I love the smell (they were in my wedding bouquet), but I buy the plants and then they die. 😦

Favorite Movie Critic — Anthony Lane (The New Yorker) — Please don’t think I’m a movie buff, because I’m not.  But his reviews are just incredible reading.  He has dry British wit and is very intelligent (I don’t get a quarter of his references).


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