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Colby’s Excellent Adventure

Our family recently adopted a cat from a shelter.  This is not unusual, as all of our cats were either looking for homes as kittens (Enzo and Bella), or were adopted from our local shelter (Jacques, Julius, and Chloe).  Colby is our newest cat.  What makes his story interesting, is that we live in San Diego and we adopted him from a shelter in Florida.


All the cats we’ve loved. Only Julius and Colby are with us currently, the others having gone on to their great reward.

Our daughter has been staying in Florida, and while there she has often visited a local cats only shelter.  She is getting ready to leave Florida, but did not want to leave Colby, her favorite cat from the shelter, behind.


Emma in front of the little cat shelter. Colby stationed himself on the desk, so he could see everything that went on, and he could get first dibs on treats!

3 Emma and Colby.2

Emma visiting with her favorite kitty Colby.

So we decided to adopt Colby, which meant that I would have to bring him from Florida to San Diego.  Since my tickets were not purchased in time, I had to take him home via a stop in St. Louis.  Before we headed off, everyone said goodbye to Colby.  He was a big favorite, having been in the shelter for years.

Goodby to Colby

Bye Colby!

After goodbyes we were off!  He did not like the rental car, and meowed for pretty much the whole 45 minutes it took us to get the airport.  He did not like being in his carrier much either, but did okay, beyond trying to push his nose through the netting.  I had to take him out of his carrier and carry him in my arms through security, so I got him a nifty harness and leash.  He was pretty happy at the gate, waiting on the window sill, watching our plane being loaded.  Several people asked to pet him, and he took their adoration as his due.

Orlando airport

In the Orlando airport. Colby was a trooper.

The flight was pretty good from Orlando.  Colby did some meowing, but it was hard to hear over the sound of the plane.  I petted him and tried to help him relax, with variable success.  A few treats helped.  When we landed in St. Louis and I checked the board I got a nasty shock.  I was supposed to have an hour between planes.  Instead, due to a mechanical issue, I now had 4 hours to kill.  In an airport.  With a cat.  Fortunately, the pet relief area was very close to my gate, and we hung out there for awhile.  Then I found some red rocking chairs and Colby slept on my lap while I read a book.

St. Louis airport

Colby in the very dog-themed pet area. Like no one travels with cats?!? Colby and me in our red rocker. He likes to stick out his tongue, which is too cute.

We managed finally to get home.  Colby got a bath that night, which is my rule.  All cats get a bath when they come from a shelter.  He did great!

13 Colby bath

So now we are figuring out our new routine with our new cat Colby.  Julius has been a perfect gentleman, he was the same when we adopted Chloe.  No cat fights, no drama.  He is a sweetheart.  Colby is settling in.  He loves to nap on the couch, to go outside into our cat escape-proof yard, to eat wet food for breakfast and dinner, and to get petted and scratched and generally loved.  He is part of a family now, after a long wait, and we hope he and Julius, who are both 12, will be buddies for many years.


Colby sitting in my lap in the yard, watching the birds at the bird feeder. Picking his way through the long grass, which I’ve since mowed!


Hanging out with me, with Sam, and with Julius.


Colby is settled into his new home. He’s now a California Cat!


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