Cat Sitting Venus – I’m Afraid She Will Never Want to Leave

Venus header

Our friends Leslie, Blake, and Ben left for a few weeks on a trip to Europe recently, and they asked me to take their cat Venus to our house while they are away.  They used to have an evil cat named Raja, who was an Egyptian Mau, who I would check in on at their place while they were gone.  He was mean-tempered, and growled at you just for looking at him.  Not all the time, but it happened, and that’s enough for me.  I watched him several times for Leslie at her house, and I don’t think I ever touched him.  We were both happier that way.  Raja dropped dead, which was very considerate of him, since that really saves on the vet bills, and he was getting up there in years.  I recently had to put down our 19 year old cat Bella, who, was, of course, a saint, and it was heart-breaking.

My Bella.

Saint Bella.

Anyhow, back to Leslie and her new cat Venus.  We all took a trip to the shelter a month or so after Raja died, and after much petting and deliberating, Leslie and Blake came home with Venus.  Leslie is forever in my debt for dragging her away from an Egyptian Mau that looked like Raja that was at the shelter.  It looked very pretty as it tried to claw it’s way out of its enclosure.  We went in looking for a sweet cat, and that’s what Leslie got.  And she is a beautiful black cat, who are the hardest cats to place in new homes, so Leslie got some bonus feel good points. Venus has been at our house for almost two weeks, and she is loving it.  It took a few days for her and Julius to get used to each other (I took it slow and kept her in the kids’ bedroom initially), but now they are pals.  He licks her head, they sniff each others noses and behinds, and have even started chasing each other at 4:00 am.  I could do without the last one.  The cats get to go out in the yard when I am home, and Venus thinks this is the best invention EVER!  She watches birds, swats at butterflies and looks confused when I yell at her to leave them alone, and slinks along the edge of the yard behind the plants, looking and feeling mysterious.

Julius and Venus greeting each other, Venus hanging out in the plants and blissing out on the grass.

Julius and Venus greeting each other, Venus hanging out in the plants, and blissing out on the grass.

Venus in two of her favorite bird watching spots.

Venus in two of her favorite bird watching spots.

I must say that this cat sitting experience has really encouraged me about our own upcoming foray to the animal shelter in August, when we will pick out a new kitty to bring home.  We are thinking about getting a young adult, and Julius has been such a gentleman to Venus.  He is enjoying having her around, especially since Bella was not very energetic her last few years, and sometimes downright grouchy.  He really is the best cat ever (sorry Venus).



But his time with Venus is soon to end, as her family are back home in a few days.  It’s like John and Olivia said…

Summer loving had me a blast,
Summer loving happened so fast,
I met a girl crazy for me,
Met a boy cute as can be,

Summer days drifting away,
To, uh oh, those summer nights…

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One response to “Cat Sitting Venus – I’m Afraid She Will Never Want to Leave

  1. Bubba and Zaida

    We loved your story about Venus. How fortunate Venus is to have such a loving home and a pal like Julius. We especially enjoyed your great photos.

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