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Desert Flowers in Anza Borrego


I was in the Anza Borrego Desert this past weekend with Sam and his Boy Scout troop.  A detailed post on the fun that was had by all is soon to follow.  This post is a collection of flower photos I took.  Lots of plants were blooming, from large lupine to tiny little I don’t know whats tucked under rocks or dug into the sand.  We have had a few nice storms, though not enough to break the drought, so there was some green out there, more than we have seen in the past.  As always, the persistence of life under such adverse conditions is amazing.

Cactus flower

Cactus just starting to bloom.

Cactus almost blooming

In about a week this will look like a very prickly bouquet.

Clustered yellow flowers

A small cluster of yellow flowers poking up out of the sand.

Delicate yellow

This looked like wild parsley. Tony liked the delicate composite flowers.


Lovely lupine was all over in the desert washes.


Close up of lupine.


The ocotillo was just starting to bloom. In the winter these look like bunches of dead sticks. In spring they get small green leaves along the length of the branches, and then bright red flowers bloom from the tips.

Pink flower

Really pretty pink trumpety flowers blooming in amongst the boulders.

Purple flower

Tiny purple flower hiding under a big rock.

Tall yellow flowers

These flowers are all blooming from a big round plant. They look like a field of daisies.

Yellow flower.desert floor

I am christening this the desert dandelion. If I was more motivated, I would try to identify these plants. For now, I am just enjoying them…




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