Burning Rubber … And a Few Hot Dogs

1.Race Legal header

One of the fundraisers my son’s Boy Scout troop participates in is running a concession stand at Race Legal events in San Diego.  Race Legal is a safe alternative to street racing that is held a couple times a month in the parking lot of Qualcomm Stadium.  The program was developed in 1998, in response to a high number of deaths and injuries from illegal street racing.  As recently as 2002 San Diego recorded 16 deaths and 31 serious injuries as a direct result of illegal street racing; as of 201o, there were 0 deaths and 4 injuries.  Law enforcement uses these drag racing events as an alternative outlet for illegal racing, which saves the lives of both racers and bystanders.  Check out their website for more info (http://racelegal.com/).

The troop is using the money the boys earn to help pay for summer camp (they are off to Camp Chawanakee in the Sierra’s), so Sam and I headed to Qualcomm at 5:30 on a Friday night to do our part.  We met up with other scouts and their parents, ready to serve up hot dogs and burgers to the hungry racing masses.

2.The gang B4

It is quite an operation getting the stand set up.  It was all hauled in by Mr Ship in the Code 4 trailer and his big red pickup.  Our Grillmaster, Mr. Steaktz, brought in the food.  We had to set up a big grill to cook on, tables and coolers for the stand, and tables and chairs for our guests.  Here is Mr. Ship getting the hot water set up, as the flags fly overhead.


After a good 45 minutes we were ready.  The grill was going, the drinks were in the coolers, the front table was replete with condiments, chips and candy, and the crockpot full of nacho cheese was burbling!

5.The gang.during

While we were busy at the stand, the racing started.  Cars, trucks and motorcycles faced off against each other on the straight track.  They waited for the green light and then hit the gas.  Their speed was tracked, as well as their wins and losses.  As day turned to night the crowds increased, as did the atmospheric impact of the smoke from the burning tire rubber.

6.2.Day 2 Night

Some panoramic shots of the race course, spectators, and our concession stand.


The Grillmaster in action.  Many dogs and burgers would pass over the big grill’s red hot surface before the night was finished.


I was the nacho lady for the evening.  We ran out of nacho chips while we still had half a pot of melted cheesy goodness in our crockpot.  We came up the great idea of using Doritos Nacho Chips and Doritos Cool Ranch Chips as the chip substrate for our nachos, thus inventing…Nachos Nachos.  I will have to do a web search, but I’m pretty sure this culinary creation is illegal in a couple of states.  New York for sure.


The San Diego police department has a couple of cars that they bring to race.  They also use them for community outreach.  The cars have small screens and game controllers in the back seat and trunk for kids to play games on, blue underglow lights, and fuzzy dice, of course.  Mr. Ship took Sam and I over to get our picture in one of the cars.  Notice we are NOT in the back seat.  If there was a merit badge for photo bombing, Chris just earned it.

11.Mo+Sam.cop car

More photos of the blinged out cop cars.  Can you still call it “Pimp my ride” if it’s a police car?

10.Cop car

On the left, one of the racers taking a break.  The racers have to wear helmets, and each car is inspected before racing to make sure it is good to go.  On the right, the boys are working the stand.

12.Night racing

I tried to get some photos of the racers with my little camera.  The bottom two are using the “Fireworks” setting.  On the lower left are the police cars, the lower right two motorcycles.  At the end of the post are some videos of races also, that will give you a better feeling for what they were like.

13.Racing montage

As there can never be enough pictures of cute puppies on the internet, I chased this little guy’s owner down to snap his pic.

14.Cute puppy

At about 10:30 we broke down the concession stand.  The races were still going.  After it was all packed up, Sam was shown how to lock up the Race Legal trailer by a police office and a financial officer.  He and the trailer were in good hands.

15.Locking up

On our way out we stopped to check out the trophies.  We had to leave before they were handed out unfortunately, as it was nearly 11:00 and they were STILL racing.  Nice hardware!  Check out the Race Legal website to see the winners from our night (http://racelegal.com/recent-winners/).

16.The Bling

That was it for our night of racing and entrepreneurship.  Time to head home and put our feet up!

17.See you

Check out these videos I took at Race Legal.

2 Police Cars Drag Racing:  http://youtu.be/H2BtbBxjil4

2 Cars Drag Racing:  http://youtu.be/aB7XeF29sZI

3 Pickups Drag Racing:  http://youtu.be/bSrO16oyFOA



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