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Sochi Closing Ceremonies Mo-ments

RingsNow That Was Funny Moment

Classic.  The Russians made fun of the 5th snowflake that got stuck during the opening ceremonies, by having the last ring of dancers hesitate before opening during the closing ceremonies.  A case of vodka to the person who came up with that one!

Upside downGetting a Headache Moment

All the kids and I could do during that whole “upside down village” thing was focus on the upside down villagers.  Were they real people?  Robots?  If they were real, then nothing argues more for the idea of a Putin-ocracy.  If Vladimir Putin tells you that you are going to hang upside down for 15 or 20 minutes while the village slowly, oh so slowly, makes its way across the arena, then you are damn well going to do it, comrade.

MascotsCreepy Moment

Thank you, NBC, for editing out the giant, super creepy mascots from the opening ceremonies.  This must have made Putin unhappy, hence their appearance in the coverage of the closing ceremonies.  They were kind of like a car accident on the side of the highway, you wanted to look away, but you just couldn’t.

HibachiPeckish Moment

And how weird was it that the creepy bear brought a hibachi?  Tri-tip anyone???

FlagAwkward Moment

I get the whole passing off the Olympics to the next nation thing, but could they come up with something besides three dudes each taking their turn waggling around a giant Olympic flag?  It made me squirm.

PaperMessy Moment

When the show commemorated Russian writers, a giant plume of paper kept spewing up onto middle of the arena floor.  My son Sam’s comment was, “I wonder who is going to pick up all that paper?”  This from the person whose pajamas I pick up from the floor everyday.  The floor of his bedroom, the floor of his closet, the floor of his bathroom.  At least he varies the location to keep it interesting for me.  Who will clean up the paper?  Send in the clowns…

FloorFloored Moment

I LOVED that damn floor!  Seriously, it made up for any and all weird awkwardness.  I just stared and stared every time they projected one of those incredible scenes of waves, or landscapes, or cityscapes on it.  Though now that the Olympics are over, I am worried about all those Russian programmers who have nothing to do, since the floor show is over.  Keep track of your personal information everyone.

PutinMy Son Giggling Moment

Apparently my 11 year old son was unaware that the last name of the leader of Russia is Putin.  Or as he put it, Poo-tin.

Post Script

I received this comment from Vladimir Putin, President and Plenipotentiary Representative of the Russian Federation:

Very, very nice post Mo.  I was very amused.  My facial expression even changed for a moment while I was reading it.  I was so amused that I would like to invite you, and your son, to Russia, so I can express my amusement and gratitude for your post in person.  Please tell your son that I have never heard that poo joke before.  Sigh.  Americans…

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