Bob’s Guerrilla Herb Garden

When my neighbor Bob goes out of town I watch his dogs for him.

My charges for the week.

My charges for the week.

He is out of town currently, and while I was over hanging out with the pooches I couldn’t help but notice the sad state of a corner of his yard.  And then I remembered when he was over a few days ago he admired my beautiful basil plant, and lamented how he loves to cook with fresh herbs but doesn’t have any growing in his yard.

After I dropped the kids off at their camps, I headed to Walter’s Nursery.  I got herbs, soil, micro bark ground cover, pots, and some lobelia plants.  I took me about two hours to put in Bob’s guerrilla herb garden.  I chose to put the herbs in pots, to give him flexibility when adding more, or taking out dead ones.  I also left plenty of space for him to add pots, in case I missed his favorite herb!  I buried them partially in holes in the ground to keep their profile low (he has automatic sprinklers in there) and to keep them moist.  I put in three larger pots and 5 smaller ones, and planted lobelia flowers in each pot for some color.

Check out the pics of the whole project below.  Double click for a larger view.


Pots in a row

Pots in dirt

Approve garden


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One response to “Bob’s Guerrilla Herb Garden

  1. Lori Heidenrich

    Wish I had a garden angel living next to me. You’re hard work will make his day!

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