Baked salmon with vegetables – a recipe for people who aren’t cooks

I am not a cook.  Meaning; I do not obsess about food, I don’t LOVE cooking, I don’t collect cook books, I am more familiar with Dan Akroyd’s impersonation of Julia Child than I am with Julia Child .

Somewhere from deep in the recesses of my XX brain, somewhere between the switch that turns my ovaries on and off and my need to know what is really happening between Rob and Kristen, this recipe was born.

Super duper simple and delicious baked salmon and veggies.

First, you buy some salmon fillets.  However much you need.  Wash it, pat it dry, and put it into a big oven safe baking dish.  Melt about 3/4 of a stick of butter in the microwave.  Spread some of it over the salmon, enough to cover it generously.  Then spread dill (fresh or dried) over the salmon fillet, from head to toe, bow to stern, nose to tail.  After the dill, pile on the tarragon (my favorite spice EVER), basil, salt, and pepper.

Now for the veggies.  I love Yukon gold potatoes.  Microwave them (wrapped in a paper towel in a bowl with water, covered if you can) for 4 to 5 minutes, enough to partially cook them.  Cut up red/orange/yellow peppers, shallots (onions also work) and Brussels sprouts.  Add in carrots if you like (a good idea to microwave them for a few minutes also).  Put all the partially cook and raw veggies in a bowl, add in the remaining melted butter, and add in more basil, tarragon, salt, and pepper (no dill!).  Mix all the veg up in the bowl with the butter and the spices.

Pile the veggies around and on top of the salmon.  Don’t be shy, doesn’t matter if the salmon is completely covered with the veg.  Whatever you have prepared, stuff it in the dish.  The oven should be preheated to 400 degrees.  Toss the dish into the oven for 30 to 40 minutes.

I think that the Brussels sprouts are absolutely amazing in this dish (see the I Know What Mo Likes page on my blog), and when I was making this dish tonight I forgot them.  Something to do with a few glasses of wine and kids running around. Fortunately, my friend Tony was there (see the 12 Tony’s page on my blog), and he made a great suggestion.  Even though there were only about 8 minutes cooking time left, I quickly quartered the Brussels sprouts, microwaved them with some water for 3 minutes, and tossed them into the dish (I stirred them in a bit to coat them with butter).  They were as delicious as ever.  Don’t let their stodgy/icky reputation put you off, you are missing one of the great pleasures in life if you don’t partake of them.

Here it is, hot out of the oven.  Serve with fresh bread, or if you have an old baguette (like I did), cut it into rounds and toast them on a cookie sheet for the last few minutes of cooking.  Serve while hot, and you will be hailed as a culinary champion.  With a chilled white wine in summer, or a pinot noir in the winter, this is a super easy, super yummy meal.  If you are going to a pot luck, prepare before hand and bring it over, throw it in your host’s oven for 30 minutes, and BANG, you are the star of the party, everyone is throwing Ben Franklins your way, you are walking on sunshine (Whoa-oh!).


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2 responses to “Baked salmon with vegetables – a recipe for people who aren’t cooks

  1. Bubba and Zaida


    What a yummy looking dish. I’m definitely going to try it the next time I make salmon for us. The pictures were great!

  2. Celia

    I like it.

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