San Diego Floor Hockey Champions – Spring 2012

After many many seasons of making it midway through the playoffs, my floor hockey team finally won the league championship!  I am in a draft league, and the teams change 4 times a year.  My team this season was a lot of fun, we really gelled on the floor, and everyone was easy to get along with.  Our goalie, Don, was solid, we had great defense, and had lots of players that could put the ball in the net.  Our final record was 12-1-1, with our only loss coming early in the season.  The new season starts next week…I will miss my old team, but I get to play again with Don as he was drafted to the same team.  It is always nice to have a solid goalie, nothing is more demoralizing than the other team scoring a bad goal.

The kids are I are going to try to get going on blogging this summer.  This is my first foray, and I hope to get them to post something soon as well.  I want to encourage them to write, and I am hoping that this will make writing fun for them.  They both have great ideas and many interests, but writing is not something they currently enjoy.  Wish us luck.

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  1. Kim Kearns

    Yay! I love your new blog. You kill me, Mo, with all that you take on with such gusto! Can’t wait to see what the kids come up with…

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