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Hummingbirds who nested in our yard

While we were away on Spring Break in April, a hummingbird built a nest on a loop in the rope of Emma’s hanging rings.  She probably thought it was a quiet place for a nest, until we came home!  She laid two eggs, the bottom left picture shows just after the first egg hatched.  The lower photo shows the two babies curled up in their nest.  The mom rarely was gone before the eggs hatched, after they hatched she was gone a lot finding food.

The top shows the mom feeding the babies.  They got really big, and could barely fit in the nest.  It also started to fall apart a little bit, probably since it was built on a rope and didn’t have much support on the bottom.  The two chicks were very quiet and didn’t move much, probably so our cat wouldn’t notice them.  As the time came near for them to fledge, the mother got very nervous and would chirp warnings and dive bomb the cat, until I finally kept him indoors for a few days.  The chicks fledged within a day of each other, the bottom pictures show them out of the nest after their first flights.  We took down their nest and donated it to Mrs. Young, the science teacher at Kumeyaay, for her nest collection.  Emma was very happy to have her rings back to swing on!


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Link to video of my floor hockey finals game

My team won the San Diego Floor Hockey League Spring finals (see post below).  Here is a link to Dropbox, where you can view the first period of the game.  My team is in black with yellow pinnies.  I am lined up at the start on the near side of the circle.  I get my first assist of the game in the first minute.  It’s kind of hard to see, since Peter didn’t track very well with the camera, but I get a pass from Mike behind the net, shoot on goal, the goalie blocks the shot but gives up a rebound, and Justin scores.  You can download the video if you want to watch the whole thing (1.7 GB). Kudos to Peter for taping and announcing the game.

P.S. Don’t miss my total whiff in front of the next towards the end of the period.  I couldn’t get my stick around in time and I missed.  I wanted a redo on that one!

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Emma’s Girl Scout Troop working towards the Silver Star Award

Emma has been a Girl Scout since 1st grade with Troop 3278 in Tierrasanta.  She is now a Cadette.  Previously the girls worked on their Bronze Star Award by organizing happy hours for the seniors living at the Nazareth House.  For their Silver Star Award, the girls will be working with a local group, the Friends of Tierrasanta Canyons, to improve our local canyons.  As you know if you read Emma’s post on her blog about dissecting an owl pellet, our house is right next to Shepard’s Canyon, which is part of Mission Trails Regional Park.  The girls will be working with the Friends and our local ranger, Jan, on many improvement projects over the next few years.  These projects will include removing non-native species and planting natives, removing trash, painting, trail clean up, and creating content for a kiosk on plants and animals within the park.  The girls will work independently and as a group, and will have to each put in 50 hours on the projects to earn the Silver Star.  They will document their hours, and we may even set up a blog to record their efforts over the next two years.

Emma and the girls in her troop, along with Lisa, their troop leader, and Sofie and Roberta from the Friends of Tierrasanta Canyons.

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Sam – Super Achiever Cub Scout

Sam has been a Cub Scout since 1st grade, and is a member of Pack 22 in Tierrasanta.  In June he and his den mates moved up from Webelos 1 to Webelos 2, which is the final rank before they become Boy Scouts.  Our den leaders Kelly and Lori both are fantastic, and did a great job organizing the den’s activities so that the boys that were interested could try to earn all 20 Webelo activity badges.  They did several at Camp Balboa over the summer, which helped them to reach their goal.  At the June Pack meeting, which was held at the Mission Trails Visitor Center, Sam and 5 of his den mates were recognized for their achievement of earning all 20 badges.  The badges range from academic (Geologist, Scholar, Scientist, Engineer) to life skills (Family Member, Communicator, Traveler, Citizen) to athletic (Sportsman, Fitness, Aquanaut, Athlete) to outdoorsy (Forester, Readyman, Naturalist, Outdoorsman), to crafty (Handyman, Artist, Craftsman, Showman).  They are all Superachievers, and have the badges and patch to prove it!  Our whole family has had a great time in Cub Scouts, especially the family camp outs.  Next year it is on to Boy Scouts…

Sam with his two den leaders and the 5 other boys in their Webelo den who were super achievers

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San Diego Floor Hockey Champions – Spring 2012

After many many seasons of making it midway through the playoffs, my floor hockey team finally won the league championship!  I am in a draft league, and the teams change 4 times a year.  My team this season was a lot of fun, we really gelled on the floor, and everyone was easy to get along with.  Our goalie, Don, was solid, we had great defense, and had lots of players that could put the ball in the net.  Our final record was 12-1-1, with our only loss coming early in the season.  The new season starts next week…I will miss my old team, but I get to play again with Don as he was drafted to the same team.  It is always nice to have a solid goalie, nothing is more demoralizing than the other team scoring a bad goal.

The kids are I are going to try to get going on blogging this summer.  This is my first foray, and I hope to get them to post something soon as well.  I want to encourage them to write, and I am hoping that this will make writing fun for them.  They both have great ideas and many interests, but writing is not something they currently enjoy.  Wish us luck.

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